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    From time to time we get reports of people and places named either Rensin or Renzin and cannot associate it with anything.
In order not to lose that information, we have devoted this page to that miscellaneous collection of information as we get it and in no particular order.
    If you have any further information, please be sure to email us.
    This page is a continual work in progress as things are learned. Be sure to check it from time to time to see what is new. The direct link to this page can be found on our home page as well as other pages on this site.





    If you have information about any of the below listed people, places and/or business, we would like to hear from you.

Please email us at the address in this link: MAIL 

Adele Jacquemart - daughter of above Marguerite Rensin - born 1862

Agatha Renzin, b. circa 1750 in Bergatreute  

Agnes Renzin, b. ca 1758 in Frankenthal  

Ajai Renzin Leba - an actor who has a role in the film "Everest" (2007) 

Alexandre Renzin - Archangel, Russia. Professional hockey player formerly with Lahntal Ducks in Germany 2000-2001 and Archangelsk (Russia) hockey team 1999-2000.

Andrei Renzin. Lives in Russia

Anna Gertrude Renzin, b. circa 1705 in Buedesheim (Germany)  

Anna Maria Renzin, b. 1742 in Gundheim, married 2/6/1759 

Anna Maria Renzin, b. circa 1730 in Frickingen  

Anna Regina Renzin, b. 11/6/1737 in Kirchberg-Murr (Necker Kreis, Germany)

Anna Renzin, b. circa 1595  in Ergenzingen in the Black Forest region  

Anna Yakovlevna Renzin (nee Shapiro) - Born circa 1885 in Akkerman, Former Bessarabia. Died 1965. Buried in Perm, Russia            ( Mother of above Isai).

Arnolda Rensin, born 1860, arrived NY 1/11/1899, residence given as Nymegen 

Augusta Henrica Renzin, b. circa 1798 in Baden (Germany).

Barbe Rensin, b. circa 1750 in Ligny-en-Barrois (Meuse Department), France  

Boris Renzin - Inwood, NY

Carl Renzin arrived in US 8/23/1892. 

Catherina Rensin, b. circa 1710 in Deidesheim (Bavaria)  

Chaia Renzin born 1868 arrived in NY 9/16/1921.

Charlotte Auguste Rensin, b. 1815 in Berlin 

Dave Renson - guitarist - New Orleans

Denis Renzin

Dmitriy Renzin. Lives in Ulyanovsk, Russia

Donald Renzin - Hamburg, NY

Doug Rensin of St. Paul, Minnesota 

E. Renzin - Minneapolis, MN

Erika Rensin Hallmann -  b: April 9, 1929 Dresden, Germany

Evgeniy Renzin. Lives in Berezniki, Russia

Evgeniy Renzin  - Irkutsk (?), Russia. An author of nature books.

Fecherie Rensin, born 1871 in Montreal, and lived there in 1891 census. 

Gerhard Rensen - Born circa 1873 in Ostenwalde, Westfalia, Germany. Arrived in Baltimore in 1891 aboard the Gothia (Hamburg-American Lines) Passenger # 01.0056

Gertrud Renzin b: circa 1905 and Alfred Sommerfeld b: 1906 d: 1964 were parents of above Erika Renzin. Gertrud was born in Kanitz, East Prussia and as a child worked on a farm in  Schmorkau, a small village near Dresden.

Harer Renzina - Park Ridge, IL.

Harry Morewood Rensin, born 10/1/1864 in Providence, RI. 

Heinrich Renz Rensin  b: Aug 10, 1529  d: Sept. 2, 1601

Herman Rensin - lived in Trenton, Illinois in 1905.  Mentioned in newspaper Trenton Sun  

Howard Rensin - Wood Dale, IL

Igor P. Renzin. Lives in Russia. He was granted a patent in about 1984 for the process for treatment of casting moulding halves and the apparatus for performing it.

Igor Renzin

Ilya Renzin. Lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Isai Mikhailovich Renzin - Born in Leningrad in1903.  Died in Ekaterinburg in 1969. Conductor & music director.

Jacob Rensin, born 1893 in Holland, emigrated to US in 1898, lived in Montezuma, California, in 1930 census.

Johann von Underhelfenschwil married Rosalia Renzin, 2/12/1776  in Germany.

John Rensin, b. 1871, last known address (1920 census) Washington (or perhaps Washington County), Kansas  

John Rensin, b. circa 1840 (served in Union army in Civil War) 

Josel (Yosel) Renzin arrived July 31, 1908 at abt age 24 in Quebec, Canada aboard the Tunisian from Liverpool, England heading to Chicago, Grand Trunk or Canadian Pacific RR

Juri Renzin - Russian Tennis player.

Kirill Renzin. Lives in Vyatskiye Polyany, Russia

Konstantin (Kostyar) Nikolaevich Renzhin - 112, Leningradsky St. Moscow, Russia - Art Producer & photographer.

Konstantin Renzin. Lives in Moscow, Russia

Leonid Renzin. Lives in Boksitogorsk, Russia

Livia Renzin appears with Gina Lollobrigida in the movie Mondo Cane also called Vida de Cano
Andrew Rensin, born Austria, father was Michael, mother was Ludwiga.  Andrew married   Katherine Kolac 8/2/1910 in Detroit, MI. 

Maksim Renzin. Lives in Kirov, Russia

Marguerite Adelaide Rensin - Joigny-sur-Meuse, France. Married Mr. Jacquemart circa 1860.

Maria Margaretha Rensin, b. circa 1717 in Bavaria 

Marie Barbara Rensin, b. circa 1725 in Kaiserwerth (Prussia) 

Mark Moiseevich Renzin  - Born Nov. or Dec. of 1922 in Russia.

Martha M. Renzin - Great Neck, NY

Matthew Rensin - San Jose, Calf. area ?

Mikhail (Michael) Renzin - Israeli olympic ski team. Currently lives in the Ukraine.

Mikhail Naumovich Renzin - Born circa 1880.       Died 1942 in Tashkent.

N. Rensin - co-author of Social Psychology, New York, Holt, 1975.

Natalia Renzina

Oleg M. Renjin - Senior Researcher, Economic Research Institute, Far Eastern Branch, RAS, Khabarovsk, Russia.

Petro Renzin. Lives in Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Rafaela Leonarda Rensin, daughter of Luis Rensin, lived in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca, Mexico, sometime between 1560 and the 1950's. 

Roman Renzin. Lives in Nizhny, Novgorod, Russia, Russia.

Rosalie Renzin - married Johann Helg on Feb. 12, 1776 in Germany.

Sasha Renzin

Sergey Renzin Musician in St. Petersburg. Has recorded several rock albums.

Stanislaw Rensin born 1874, arrived in NY 4/1/1903.  Residence states as "Sholsk"  

Trientje Rensin  b:  about 1840.  Married Johannes Jager, they had a son Vester Jager, born circa 1863 in Bonnen, Giefen, and Drenthe, Netherlands

Vadim Renzin. Lives in Kirov, Russia

Vika Renzina. Lives in Vologda, Russia

Viktor Isaievich Renzin - Ekaterinburg, Russia. Born 1931. Former Dean of Mussorgsky Conservatory. Concert Pianist.

Vladimir Renzin - father of above Mikhail Renzin.

Wasserman A. Renzin - Inwood, NY


Ulrich Renz married Anna Euphrosine Mogenhart sometime around 1500-1505 in Germany. 

Their son, Heinrich Renz Renzin

                    b. Aug. 10, 1529 in Weinsberg, Neckar, Wurttemberg, Germany

                    m. 1556 or 1557 to Maria Grater Grattersin

                    d. Sept. 2, 1601 in Nurtingen, Wurttemberg 

Heinrich and Maria's daughter Eleanora (Eleanore) Renzin

                    b. 1556 or 1557 in Neckar

                    m. Dec. 7, 1579 to Alexander Wolfhardt

                    d. 1637 in Neckar

Two Alice Renzins

                    1.  b. 1887 in ?

                         d. Sept. 8, 1915 in NYC 

                    2.  b. 1915 in ? (Probably NYC)

                         d. Sept. 11, 1915 in NYC


          The following information was obtained on line from French records


Jean Marie Rensin b: May 5, 1836 Montauban-De-Bretagne, France. F: Thomas Rensin

Louise Rensin B: Feb 10, 1770 Corps-Nuds, France. F: Julien Rensin. M: Renee Rouault

Margueritte Marie Celestine Rensin. B: Feb 7, 1842. Montauban-De-Bretagne, France F: Thomas Rensin. M: Marie Mace.

Esther Rensin b: 1826 Perros-Guirec, France

Perrine Rensin mother of Rubillion Mathurin b: May 28, 1684 Domalain, france

Marie Mathilde Rensin d: 1791 Vezelise, France

Catherine Rensin b: May 4, 1720 F: Maurice Rensin. M: Marguerite Gustin in Lives-Sur-Meuse, France

Marie Perrinne Bierais d: Dec. 25, 1842. Chateaubourg, France Wife of Rene Rensin

Marie Rensin b: 1810 in Lannion, France

Adrienne Rensin, Mother of Geo. DeShayes who was born July 30, 1884. 


From The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, Yad Vashem, Israel as of Jan. 2016

The Database includes data regarding Jews who were victims of persecution during the Holocaust period: those who were murdered as well as many others

Please note: There may be more than one record for the same victim, originating from one or more sources.

Where a date appears it is the date of birth.

Remzin,Lazar Leningrad, Russia        

Renzin,Abram   Kleck Area, Poland   

Renzin,Borukh   Kleck Area, Poland  

Renzin,Borukh   Kleck Area, Poland  

Renzin,Brokha  Kleck Area, Poland   

Renzin,Dveyra  Kleck Area, Poland   

Renzin,Gitul    Kleck Area, Poland

Renzin,lzrail    Kleck Area, Poland                

Renzin,lzrail    Kleck Area, Poland      

Renzin,Movsha   Kleck Area, Poland           

Renzin,Moysha 1909 Kishinev,  Romania              

Renzin,Peysakh   Kleck Area, Poland 

Renzin,Vadim 1937 Kiev, Ukraine

Renzin,Yankel   Kleck Area, Poland   

Renzin,Zakhar 1898  Vitebsk, Belorussia

Renzina,Aieksandra 1934          Kiev, Ukraine

Renzina,Sarra 1914  Luga, Russia      

Renzina,Sofrya 1925 Moskva, Russia

Renzina,Yevgeniya 1929 Kiev, Ukraine       

Copyright© 2015 Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance  Authority

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Via Renzin (Via Renzini ?), Rome, Italy

Rensin Rd.  Wulin Village, Renwu Township, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

Renzin St.  Cheremkhovo, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

Town of Rensin - Greifenberg County, Germany (now in Poland and called Rzesin in Gryfice District).

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Renzin Construction, Ltd.
Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra, India

Renzin Co.
26 Zvezdinka St.
Nizhny Novgorod 603000

Taxi Fernand Rensin
1123, Route Cagnes
06480 La Colle sur Loup (Alpes-Maritimes)

Rensin Motel
Central Square, New York
(Closed around 1980)

Rensin Tire Co.
Syracuse, New York

Rensin Silk International Trading Co.
2208,877 Dong Fang Road
Shanghai (China) 200122.

Renson Enterprises
PO Box 460569
San Antonio, TX  78246

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