Rensin & Renzin Family Web Site  

Latest Update: Feb. 3, 2016

Welcome to the Rensin & Renzin Family web site. This site is devoted to the Rensin & Renzin family genealogy. Please feel free to explore the site and to use the links to follow our family tree branches as well as to offer any information you may have about Rensin or Renzin names and places.  
    This is a work in progress and your patience is appreciated.

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    We are always looking for people named Rensin or Renzin as our research is showing that most, if not all, Rensin or Renzin names are related and it’s just a matter of finding the common ancestor, so all help is always appreciated.

     We have found some places where the name is spelled Renjin, Renzhin or Renshin and we are seeking information on people with that spelling as well.

    If you are such a person or have information about someone with one of those names, please email us what information you have.

    A discussion of the family branches can be found in our Family History Page and is a good place to start, as there are links to the complete family tree charts.

    We have also added a miscellaneous page to store the various unconnected pieces of information about those family names, places, businesses and the like. You are encouraged to visit that page as well to see if you can add any information to our search.

    Feel free to browse and we welcome your feedback.